Meet & Greet: Courthouse Tour


Hosted by Erica Yew @ Family Justice Center Courthouse

This tour will take you behind the scenes to the Court’s Self Help Center where every litigant in the county can receive free legal information from attorneys who assist court users in litigating their cases:

  • You will observe judges handle court calendars in drug court and juvenile dependency court – the latter is usually closed to the public since juvenile hearings are confidential so this is a special opportunity for court observation. 
  • You will see social services agencies at work in their own offices located within the courthouse.

After the tour, you will be able to ask questions of a panel of judges who are also ALF senior fellows:  Judges Rise Pichon, Thang Barrett, Sharon Chatman, Erica Yew, Teresa Guerrero-Daley, Shawna Schwarz, and Shelyna Brown are expected to be in attendance.  


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