The ALF Wilderness Experience

The ALF Wilderness Experience is an opportunity for class members to remove themselves from everyday life and devote significant time for bonding and for personal introspection.

It is the week in the mountains that defines each class and creates the trust and understanding needed to work collaboratively back home.


The term “wilderness,” however, conjures up images of primitive conditions — far from the reality of the ALF Wilderness Experience:

  • Three nights at Gold Lake Beach Resort, including catered meals, beds, showers, and time for activities, such as swimming, paddleboating, ping pong, fishing and lounging.  Fun group exercises, including a day of rock climbing and repelling, happen here.

  • Two nights of tent camping with tents, sleeping bags, sleep mats and incredible food provided.  The hike to basecamp and to the peak is challenging, yet achievable.  Hikers of all ages and abilities have made this incredibly beautiful hike.
  • Activities are adjustable for every level of abilities — hike with your pack or have it delivered directly to the camp site.  Even the rock climbing activity has levels from beginner to advance.
  • A staff of outstanding outdoor guides, each with years of experience, assist in all aspects of rock climbing, hiking and camping and they have years of working with ALF.