“My experience with ALF training improved my ability to listen open-heartedly to people with whom I disagree. I’m more conscious in conversation and less reactive and therefore less likely to jump in quickly with judgment, argument or contradiction. The training helped to deepen my capacity to listen for the purpose of understanding another’s point of view rather than just wait my turn to express my own opinion.” Reverend Debra Brady



“For me personally, I think it gave me the opportunity to meet and build relationships and better understand people in our community, in our region that had I not gone through ALF, I never would’ve had the opportunity to meet them.” John Yaraborough



“I have a network of individuals who I can access for support at any time. Also, if they are unable to assist me directly, they help me identify others who may have a similar passion, resources, or a willingness to collaborate on meaningful change for our community. There’s a real sense of strength and power that comes with having that kind of network behind you.” Oscar Cabello


In our world, country, and communities today we seem to have lost our ability to deal with differences of opinion in ways that produce understanding, growth, compromise, and change that positively impacts all involved.  

Wedges are being driven into every issue—Religion (Islamophobia vs. National Security), Race (Black vs. Blue Lives Matter), Immigration (The Wall vs. Sanctuary Cities), Politics, Poverty and Homelessness…the list seems endless.  

What if there was a way past this?  A proven, repeatable methodology that allows people to “sit with difference”, broach their deep divides, and find common ground?

No Joke—there is.

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