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About Us

“Joining and strengthening diverse leaders to serve the common good to create a better future for the Central Valley.”

Our Mission

The American Leadership Forum – Great Valley Chapter (ALF) promotes collaborative networks of diverse leaders who initiate ideas and action for the vitality of the Central Valley of California.

What We Do

ALF – Great Valley is focused on increasing the leadership capacity and networks in California’s Great Central Valley.

We work in multiple ways to engage and inform citizens, train local leaders, and deliver programs that respond directly to critical gaps in the Valley’s communities. We are a champion and advocate for the Valley’s well-being, seeking out ways to build partnerships and bring citizens together to address issues and disparities, encourage innovative solutions, build consensus and ensure a successful future for the region.

The overall goal is to have an engaged, informed and connected citizenry that has the willingness, ability and tools to work in collaboration to solve the complex issues facing the Valley. Through the well-respected American Leadership Forum – Great Valley program, we are actively building a network of established community leaders who come together, across social, political, economic and cultural boundaries, to serve the public good.

As we look ahead, ALF – Great Valley remains committed to the well-being of the Central Valley, and continues to be a thoughtful and motivated organization that brings people together to work on the area’s most difficult challenges and create a better future.

ALF Core Values

  1. Primacy of relationship

  2. Appreciation, exploration and inclusion of diversity

  3. Dialogue and Collaboration

  4. Service to the common good

  5. Inner reflection and personal growth

ALF Cornerstones

These Core Values lead to a curriculum based on the following “Cornerstones:”

  1. Building trust and networks among diverse leaders

  2. Motivating leaders to be catalysts for positive community change

  3. Strengthening capacities for community change

  4. Exploring the interconnectedness of communities within a region

  5. Enriching and renewing personal values while fostering a balance between being and doing

  6. Understanding and empowering self and others

  7. Exploring, understanding, and valuing diversity

  8. Inspiring leaders to a lifetime of active public engagement

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