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Nominate A Fellow

American Leadership Forum-Great Valley welcomes nominees to our Fellows Program that are curious, courageous and ready to embrace deep learning and personal transformation work. To be considered for the Fellows Program, nominees should have spheres of influence within their community/organization and constituencies they can bring to the process of building a regional community in the Valley. Diversity is core to the ALF experience. A diverse ALF circle means having a range of participants with various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds, and with various lifestyles, experience, interests, and points of view. Having a group of diverse individuals who are different, yet sitting in the same circle in dialogue is important, relevant and critical to the mission of ALF. To this end, we ask that you please complete the fields below.

Thank you for contributing to our ALF-Great Valley network.
Note: If you discuss this nomination with the nominee, please make sure they understand there is no guarantee they will be selected.

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