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Graduates of the Fellows program become Senior Fellows, who continue using the skills and connections from their ALF Fellows experience to impact both their community and their work.  Regular Senior Fellows events strike a balance between social interaction, keeping abreast of current leadership teachings, and learning about important issues facing the region.  These events expand the opportunities to connect and work together on community and regional issues, and for Senior Fellows to meet across classes and counties to build trust and understanding between individuals who otherwise would not become acquainted. The resulting ever-expanding network is a vital resource for the community served by ALF Great Valley and for the Senior Fellows themselves.

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Senior Fellows host Tables of Eight, Meet & Greets, Mindfulness Practice and various experiences for the network. 

"Equality comes in realizing that we are all doing different jobs for a common purpose. That is the aim behind any community. The very name community means let's come together to recognize the unity. Come...unity."

- Swami Satchidananda

Senior Fellows
Education Series

In partnership with the Teichert Foundation, we are offering the Senior Fellows Education Series designed to provide timely information and insight into issues impacting our network.  This year, the seminars will address:

  • Conscious disruption and its impact on the need to have effective, difficult conversations 

  • Recruitment and retention – finding and keeping talent in an inclusive, rewarding culture 

  • Addressing our collective mental health 

  • Identifying and addressing leadership blind-spots 

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