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Giving Circles

The American Leadership Forum – Great Valley Chapter is focused on promoting collaborative networks of diverse leaders who initiate ideas and action for the vitality of the Central Valley of California. We work in multiple ways to engage and inform citizens, train local leaders, and deliver programs that respond directly to critical gaps in the Valley’s communities. We are a champion and advocate for the Valley’s well-being, seeking out ways to build partnerships and bring citizens together to address issues and disparities, encourage innovative solutions, build consensus, and ensure a successful future for the region. The flagship vehicle for bringing this mission to fruition is the Fellows Program, a twelve-month intensive that focuses on building trust, exploring interconnectedness, and strengthening capacities.

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For more information, contact Kirstie Zacharias at or 209-522-2103.

At the cornerstone of the Fellows Program is the commitment to assembling the most diverse group of community leaders. We evaluate candidates across all spectrums of differences, from industry sector and existing leadership involvement to more traditional metrics of age, gender, race, and sexual orientation. In doing so, we strive to bring together individuals that represent all members of our community and in turn, nurture dialogue across difference.

A critical aspect of this intentionality is ensuring cost is not a barrier to participation. On average, 30-35% of every class is supported through our fund development efforts. In addition, those individuals that need financial assistance with the Fellows Program continue to need financial support with our continuing education and engagement activities. As a result, we secure financial resources to carry our commitment to inclusion in everything we do.

Giving Circles are an annual, strategic collaboration connecting businesses with the common vision and core values of ALF. This ongoing partnership demonstrates an organization’s commitment to promoting collaborative networks of diverse leaders and in turn, supports ALF’s efforts to educate, connect and develop those individuals for the betterment of our communities.


Benefits include, with prominence commensurate with the circle level:

– Website recognition

– Monthly newsletter recognition

– Ongoing social media recognition: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

– Network-wide event recognition

Current Giving Circle Members

Circle of Transformation


Circle of Inspiration


Circle of Connection

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