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Andre Griggs

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Restorative Justice League

Andre was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from CSU Fresno with a B.S. in Criminology, Correction; then pursued a Masters in Education from University of Phoenix. Andre is an associate Pastor who has traveled for missionary work to the Philippines and Africa and has spoken to over 6,000 youth and adults. He has been working in Youth Development for over 20 years; he began operating a youth mentoring program at Hughson High School in Hughson, CA. In 2012/13 Andre piloted the restorative justice league concepts as a program with 12 students as a panel and has since created the Restorative Justice League. He has also developed a conference called Restorative Justice League Conference where 70 high school age youth are trained and developed to mentor over 250 of their peers and younger aged youth in reconciliation and peacemaking though prevention skills and other activities.

Andre Griggs is a Class VII Senior Fellow.

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