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Juanita Saffold

Chief of Staff - Principal Technology Program Manager at AT&T

It is with great enthusiasm and dedication that Juanita Saffold joins the esteemed American
Leadership Forum's Executive Board, brings over two decades of diverse leadership
experience to the table. Her journey, shaped by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a passion for
community service, and an affinity for fostering innovation, has been marked by significant
achievements in the corporate, nonprofit, and technical realms.


With a wealth of expertise as both a Chief of Staff and a Principal Technology Program Manager
in Business Systems Engineering at a Fortune 100 company, Juanita has honed the art of
steering multifaceted teams toward success. Juanita’s leadership style is deeply rooted in
servant leadership principles, placing people at the forefront of every strategy. This approach
has cultivated a culture of collaboration and empowerment, enhancing team performance
while driving exceptional results.

As a Principal Technology Program and Project Manager, Juanita navigated the ever-evolving
landscape of technological advancements, leading teams to deliver cutting-edge solutions.
Additionally, her tenure as CEO of a nonprofit organization fortified her commitment to
community welfare, underscoring her belief in the power of social impact initiatives. Juanita’s
extensive experience extends to the realm of education, where she holds an MBA with a focus
on Global Management, complemented by a Bachelor of Science in Business with a minor in
Marketing and a Nano degree in Programming. These academic achievements provided a solid
foundation for her multifunctional approach to problem-solving.


Juanita’s dedication to continuous improvement is reflected in her Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
certifications, showcasing her proficiency in optimizing processes for maximum efficiency.
Furthermore, her certifications as a SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager and SAFe Agile
Program Manager demonstrates her adaptability in agile frameworks, catalyzing successful
project delivery. Juanita’s pending completion of a SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager certification
underscores her commitment to remaining at the forefront of industry best practices.
Beyond the boardroom, Juanita’s personal interests include spending quality time with loved
ones and nurturing the relationships that provide strength and inspiration. She is also passionate
about traveling abroad and learning about other regions and cultures. Her creative side is
expressed by creating custom gifts that spread joy from their personalized gestures.
In embracing the role of an Executive Board Member, Juanita stands poised to leverage her
diverse expertise in a collaborative effort to help steer the American Leadership Forum toward new
heights of achievement. Juanita’s unique blend of leadership acumen, technical proficiency, and
community-driven philosophy aligns seamlessly with the organization's values. Together, we
plan to embark on a journey of transformation, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the
pursuit of excellence.

Juanita is an ALF Great Valley Class XI Senior Fellow.

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